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Treatments: Orthodontics for Adults

At Clifton Orthodontics, we can offer you a wide choice of orthodontic appliances. We are a leading practice in invisible braces called Incognito and Invisalign®. Our orthodontist Richard Tonner has 22 years experience as an orthodontist, and is constantly updating his skills and knowledge. Richard is one of the leading invisible orthodontists in the UK with over 14 years experience of their use.

Many people have crooked and/or over-crowded teeth, which can affect the way they look and the way their teeth bite together. It can also make it more difficult to keep them clean, which can put them at greater risk of tooth decay or gum disease. Research clearly shows that straightening people’s teeth improves their self confidence socially and at work. They are also judged by other people to be more attractive and successful.

The use of the latest advanced procedures means we complete treatment for 90% of patients within 16 months, and usually only need to see patients once every ten weeks, which makes treatment with us far more convenient. Our team take a personal interest in all our
patients, and take the time to build a strong working relationship with them. These factors, combined with our commitment to quality,
mean that you are ensured of the best possible orthodontic care.

Our treatments:

At Clifton Orthodontics we believe it is important to offer a full range of appliances without bias. At your consultation we will discuss which are most suitable for you, your teeth, your lifestyle and your budget, so you can make an informed choice.



Invisible braces:

The preferred option for many of our adult patients, especially those who would prefer a more discreet orthodontic appliance.

Custom-made of gold, and fixed to the back of your teeth so they are invisible. Also less likely to lead to damage to teeth from decalcification and decay. Easily tolerated and very effective.


Invisalign vs Metal braces

A system of removable and virtually invisible clear aligners which gently move and straighten your teeth. They fit around your teeth, using no metal at all, and are removed to eat and to clean your teeth. Clifton Orthodontics is one of the Invisalign® Invisible Braces Specialists in the Bristol area.

Tooth-coloured and metal braces
While not having the same aesthetic advantages as invisible ones, these braces are none the less very effective. Tiny blocks are fitted to the front of your teeth with a wire running between them. Standard braces use metal blocks, although we also offer tooth-coloured blocks which make the braces less visible.

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